Donkere Wolken: Rondom Montfort

Dark Clouds

There’s a dark cloud overhead
As if brought by a storm
But this cloud will not shift
And more clouds begin to form

The darkness lurks above
Bringing sorrow into the air
The fog begins to appear
As my heart starts to tear

The night falls apart
In my shaking hands
Nothing can be repaired
In these despair-filled lands

I fall to my knees
And beg for happiness
As the world crumbles down
i am lost in the darkness

Allyson Gordon

Heaven Stood Still

As a tear fades away
And the dawn drives a lovers eyes
No more tears, they’re all gone
Just believe this will always be

My heart in your hand
Knows that all this belongs to me
And like a child there I stand
While your heart sings inside of me

One dream of my life
One night in eternity
The wind whispers soft to me
And heaven stood still

One Side of the dawn
Knows that all this belongs to me
One celestial rhapsody
And heaven stood still

Willy Deville